VPN/WiFi account

For security reasons, the network of the West Pomeranian University of Technology is protected by a firewall. Therefore, some services are available only within the University Computer Network (UCN). In order to enable employees to access these resources in a place outside the university, the WPUT University IT Centre has launched a virtual private network server. Once a virtual private network connection has been set up on your computer (home computer, laptop computer, or other university/company at a conference, etc.), you can access the full UCN resources (all transmission to the UCN network will be encrypted) as well as faculty network resources that are not accessible from the Internet (and you can still use the Internet).
In particular, the following services can be used:


1.    application server - only WPUT staff

2.    library services - WPUT staff and students

3.    network licensed software - only WPUT staff

Data necessary for configuration of the connection:


·         server address: vpn3.zut.edu.pl

·         your password and ID of the WPUT University Computer Network user (the same as for the e-mail server).

Configuration of Client Aruba VIA VPN.


1.    Download Client Aruba VPN to a respective operating system:

    1.    Windows (32bit and 64bit)

    2.    Android

    3.    Linux

    4.    MacOS

    5.    iOS


2.    Start the installer and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

3.    At the first start up, provide the following:


    1.    Server: vpn3.zut.edu.pl

    2.    Login: (login usk zut)

    3.    Password: (hasło usk zut).


4.    The connection configuration file will be downloaded.


    1.    Press the round button "Click to connect".
    2.    The VPN connection should be established.

    3.    To disconnect, press the button "Click to disconnect".


The application is minimized to the taskbar (on the right side of the clock).

If you try to connect again, you should not be asked to enter your login and password.

In case of problems, please contact your local administrator or contact us by e-mail at vpn@zut.edu.pl.