What means free(open) access ?

There are collections of books in the Main Reading Room and in the Lending Department accessible directly from shelves. Collectons are being organized by subjects, based on Universal Decimal Classification. 

Collections are standing on shelves in alphabetical order and are divided into subcollections. Within sub-collections books stand in alpfabetical order - by title and are  marked  by numerical codes,  e.g.

02 Botanics

00 General botanics. Plants biology 01 Taxonomicall botanics 02 Dendrology

Faculty libraries also offer free access to library materials.

Books available in free access cannot be ordered online via internet!

Loan period of books borrowed from free accessible collection in Lending Department - 4 months.

In The Main Reading Room one can use the books only "on the spot". 

Activated and valid user account is required to make  loans.